Building Smarter Startups

About Seedsoup

We came about to make early-stage start-ups way more successful. Only 20% of new business are trading after year one, and less than 0.05% get VC investment1, many don't get past the ideas stage.

With COVID19 dramatically changing how we work and jobs becoming harder to find2, early stage start-ups need to ‘step-up’ - fast!

We are disruptive

We are disrupting how start-ups are built and making them smarter, more efficient and a more secure career investment for professionals who help build them. If you have a brilliant start-up idea or are a professional with a little time spare and want to explore a new way of working (which is fairly and transparently rewarded), get in touch. We grow faster, together.

Founders need an expert team

It is exciting that over half the population in the UK wants to start their own business. Co-working spaces, incubators, start-up business upskilling and motivational speakers are cool and inspiring - you can make some great contacts - but research shows that they don’t make you more successful3. Making this happen is a bit like navigating the wild west, you can’t do it alone.

What does make a difference to early success is building with an expert team4. You build more efficiently, faster and smarter. Investors will be way more interested in talking to you at an earlier stage. Because you have ticked their ‘number-one box’, which is building with experience alongside - that means they know you will deliver!

If you are passionate about building a start-up with experts with no up-front costs to worry about, let us know...

Experts ‘Invest’ Differently

COVID-19 has shown us how rocky job security is and how quickly the world can turn on its head. Many household-name employers have shown no loyalty to their staff and switched vast numbers of their workforce onto zero rated contracts overnight. Many predict that this is the ‘new normal’.

What few know is that even post COVID-19, the job market will not bounce back. Jobs are going to become increasing difficult to find - a luxury item for the highly skilled, niche worker5 It is time for us all to take responsibility for our future career. With market stagnation and global recession here to stay, it is difficult to know what to do. We can’t even rely on our investments to keep our head above water.

At SeedSoup, we think it’s time to be a bit savvier about our futures. We can no longer rely on jobs providing for us in the long term. We need to hedge future risk - think carefully about what we invest our time in. Working with early SeedSoup start-ups enables our experts to build investment portfolios - merely by the way they work. There is no need to jeopardise current income streams, you just need to invest a little spare time... Who knows, you may hook a brand new career that pays top dollar, or even find yourself riding the next 'tech unicorn!'

Our Process


If you are a professional and are interested in working with early startups, or you are a social influencer, tell us about yourself by filling out our
Expert Application Form


If you have an outstanding idea, then tell us about your concept and the team you need by filling out our
Entrepreneur Application Form


We match startups with experts. Together you can refine concept, pivot, build the MVP and scale. Startups can now position for investment with a dream start-up team in place!


Our start-ups pick the best experts to handhold them through incubation and beyond. SeedSoup remains right by your side - providing the roadmaps startups need to succeed.

Any Questions?

What is seedsoup?

SeedSoup is the smartest and most professional way to build early start-ups. It is fast, effective, efficient and 'free'. Working the SeedSoup way gives early startups the best chance of success.

I have a brilliant start-up idea - how does this work?

We introduce startup talent to early-stage startups. Startups cherrypick the best expertise to support them (from idea-to-investment). That all sounds very fancy, but what does it actually mean?

Simply that a brilliant idea on its own is not enough. Founders can’t be expected to know everything and often fail trying. Early stage start-ups should not have to rely on friends and family - as that often leads to failure. Working alongside experts means startups can power ahead. They will stop you slipping up, wasting time and ensure you deliver. Together you brainstorm, build and iterate – at speed!

So, how do we do this? Imagine you are in a rocket-ship. We fill the base of the rocket with up to 50 experts who help you blast into space. Does that sound like an inspiring way to build?

Once you have filled out the Application Form we will process your registration and we let you know if your idea is suitable to be grown on the SeedSoup platform. You then create your own personal ‘Incubation Pod’, pick your ideal team - your 'personalised brand of rocket fuel' and blast off…

What happens if i want to change my team?

Swapping team members is common and all part of building a start-up. Your idea will probably iterate multiple times. This means the team may also change frequently. That is no problem and why you need SeedSoup to help you build! Everyone’s aim is to get your start-up to market in the fastest possible time.

I am a professional and want a career working with start-ups. How does it work?

Our early start-ups span many different sectors and markets, so we are looking for experts and professionals with wide-ranging experience and 'superpowers.''

No more worries about flaky founders or lack of structure, as you will be working alongside a team of experts just like you. SeedSoup startups have a much greater chance of success.

You have complete flexibility and control over how much or how little you work with our start-ups. The amount of time you want to commit is up to you. You can be assured that you will be rewarded fairly and transparently for everything you do. In fact, you will be building unique investment portfolios throughout your SeedSoup career.

As our world transforms around us, you may find the hands-on ‘start-up experience’ you gain with us becomes the backbone of your future career. SeedSoup is creating an inspiring future that works.

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2 Permanent staff hiring is declining and joblessness will hit 7.5%, end-2020: Reuters (10/08/10)
3 (Impact of Incubators/Accelerators in the UK – Government Research paper 009/2019)

4 (Impact of Incubators/Accelerators in the UK – Government Research paper 009/2019)
5 PwC Global Report. The workforce of the future: the competing forces shaping 2030